He has practiced improv for about 15 years in Strasbourg and then Amsterdam. He is the co-founder of Flock Theatre, Anananas & Pampamplemousse (formerly La Carpe Haute), as well as the SIN, an international network of improvisers in Europe. He is also the Artistic Director of IMPRO Amsterdam, and the co-Artistic Director of Improfestival Karlsruhe. In short: he creates a bunch of stuff! He loves to teach abroad and to create new shows to explore and share his passion, including with his partner on and off-stage, Laura Doorneweerd-Perry. After touring the world with their show „Object of Affection”, he settled in Amsterdam and they created Flock Theatre together: a school and a professional company, to produce theatrical improvised shows and invite other artists to collaborate. While traveling, Gael found a thousand ways to improvise. These result in his unique style: both physical and noisy, kind and silly, full of emotions and slightly crazy.

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